Monday, June 30, 2008

The Latest

I was not able to cook much over the weekend. We spent some time with both of our families this weekend and they were kind enough to feed us a few times. Nothing ever tastes as good as my Mom's cooking. I call her quite frequently to get help on some of her recipes I use. In fact we ate beans tonight and the recipe was her very own. They didn't turn out as good as my Mom's usually do but they were filling. I made fried potatoes along with them. Yummy. Justin and I both could eat fried potatoes at every meal! I must say, the potatoes turned out very good.

Last night, which was Sunday night, I made fried green tomatoes (do we eat too much fried food?). I had been craving them for almost a month now and his mom finally had a few come up from her container garden. I was more than happy to take them off of her hands. :) I also grilled a couple of green and red bell peppers in a large grilling pan. They were sooo good. I love bell peppers! Fried green tomatoes and grilled bell peppers for dinner last night - how's that for a somewhat healthy meal. Minus the fried part of the tomatoes.

Tomorrow I am planning on trying a new recipe. Although, I need to use the rest of that spaghetti sauce I had opened so we may just be having regular ole' spaghetti.