Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The plan

Lately I have been looking up recipes trying to find cheap, healthy, and easy ways to make meals. We have been married over a year now and I feel like I am just now getting the whole cooking thing down. Simply meaning that I know how to follow directions. Simple directions. As in Macaroni 'N and Cheese directions. As a matter of fact, I always ask my husband to make the Macaroni 'N and Cheese because I have messed it up so many times before. Wow. OK, so maybe I'm not so good at following directions but I can make some yummy vegetables! I love, love, love vegetables. Any and every kind. I like to saute green beans, bake squash with some mozzarella cheese on top, steam broccoli, or cook any other vegetable I can get my hands on. I even like asparagus. One of these days, I'm going to learn how to make fried green tomatoes! (Obviously, I consider tomatoes to be a vegetable. You may not agree.) Yes, I would probably make a great vegetarian.

Now, fruit is a totally different story. I'm not too crazy about fruit. I like all the different colors of fruit. If I had to base my opinion solely on the colors of fruit, I would say that my favorite fruit would be kiwi. And strawberries. And plums. And, of course, the beautiful watermelon. I have not given up hope on my lack of taste for fruit, though. My husband likes fruit very much and is always persuading me to try some kind of exotic fruit... like pineapple.

I really want to improve my cooking skills (or lack there of). So I have been visiting several different websites along with a few blogs to get ideas on what to cook and how to cook well. So far I think my favorite website to find easy recipes is It is loaded with ideas, tips, and recipes for every occasion. Even the day-to-day, mundane, weeknight meal can get exciting with some of these recipes.

Anyway, I plan on keeping you updated on all the new recipes I'm going to try here in the near future. By blogging about what I'm going to be cooking, I figure it will give me motivation to post blogs more often. It will also give me a reason to let my mom and sisters know about my blog so that they can hopefully find a few recipes worth trying. Last but not least, it will keep me accountable in my pursuit of becoming a better cook.